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The Cyber Bio Twin is an (Artificial Intelligence based) digital replica of a human being or the human being’s organs or any complex biological or molecular structure, which would allow healthcare professionals to research upon and to find remedies and cure. Also it is a significant tool for people to keep track of their health, symptoms, early warning and get predictions based on their health conditions, environment they live in and based on the drug intake, reactions etc. 

The Bio Twin will not only be able to replicate a generic or healthy variant of the specific organ, but will also be able to replicate the complications present in the same organ of a particular patient or subject. 


The Bio Twin can digitally replicate a new born baby and go through the entire cycle of vaccinations and understand and record symptoms which are sometimes undetectable by parents  and immediately attract medical attention. For more information check Automatic Symptom Analysis and Parallel Growth.


The Cyber Bio Twin Is a digital working replica, or a Digital twin of human biological systems or organs or molecular systems, that can be used to aid in the diagnosis of existing medical conditions and  predict possible health complications based on one’s profile, collective data  and medical history. Cyber bio twin will provide early warning systems based on reactions happening to other patients across the globe.


The Cyber BioTwin uses the collection of existing data of different subjects to create computational and mathematical models,  that replicate the physiology of human biological systems. These models, created with the aid of AI, can be used to holistically and dynamically analyze environmental and biochemical factors that might influence the pathogenesis and etiology of the complication.


The model attempts to accurately predict outcomes of specific scenarios, set/faced by healthcare professionals, through the usage of various machine learning algorithms, and the creation of decision making trees based on existing data. This makes the BioTwin a valuable tool that can aid in the analysis and management of clinical trials, disease management, outbreak prevention/management, infraction management and  lifestyle management, while ensuring the privacy and security of an individual’s personal medical data.



Free Modification of the BioTwin

The BioTwin can be researched upon and altered in various ways to examine and predict the effect that these changes might have on the original organ. This helps in finding the root cause of an existing condition and in predicting the future reactions the condition might have on the organ.


Risk-Free Experimentation on the BioTwin

The BioTwin can be experimented upon by having foreign chemicals or molecules introduced. The composition of these foreign substances and the BioTwin’s compositions along with the subjects medical profile will aid in accurately predicting the result of such an experimentation. This allows for endless possible solutions to be tried and testing without the risk of endangering the patient or subject.


Extensive Modeling of the BioTwin

The BioTwin can also be modeled to accommodate for environmental factors such as air composition and medical or biochemical factors such as the composition and dosage of regular medication ingested by the patient or subject and the composition of the regular nutrient intake of the patient or subject. This enables it to make accurate predictions which will continue to hold true in real world scenarios.


Machine Analysis and Predictions by AI

Through Machine Analysis, the AI will be able to analyze large groups of BioTwins and create a decision making tree. This decision making tree will consist of decisions which have been statistically deemed accurate based on data gathered on all similar BioTwins. This allows for an ever evolving decision making AI which will be able to keep up with progressive changes and quickly adapt to any situation.

Sterile Data to assure Privacy and Security

The data gathered from the patients or subjects remain sterile, since all the Data is analyzed by the AI and are not exposed to humans to directly view or modify.


Time-Travel by the BioTwin

The data gathered by collecting inputs from patients/subjects will enable the Cyber BioTwin to allow the AI to make predictions based on similar data from other BioTwins. These predictions will allow for time travel, which can be used to predict the status of that particular BioTwin in the future, under existing conditions or other conditions.

Automatic Symptom Analysis by the BioTwin

It can digitally replicate a new born baby or a full grown human and go through the entire cycle of vaccinations and understand and record symptoms which parents or other untrained people can’t some times detect and immediately attract medical attention.

Parallel Growth of the BioTwin

In addition to allowing free time travel, the Bio Twin grows parallel to the human or organ it is based on. This allows it to be a perfect replica of that particular human, mimicking all of the human's physiological characteristics.

Automatic Symptom
Parallel Growth

Endless Applications

With the help of molecular medicine , disease analysis, cell biology analysis aided by computational intelligence and knowledge base, Cyber BioTwin will be used as a tool in countless medical processes such as and not limited to

1. Personal Health Management

2. Healthcare observation

3. Symptomatic diagnosis

4. Clinical trials

5. Disease management

6. Outbreak prevention/management

7. Infection management

8. Drug early warning system

9. Symptom based AI deduction


For example scan your ECG report and give it to the system , it will emulate your current Heart condition. Add other reports to it and you can make it more perfect. With the availability of other people heart data and their twin present , it can give early warnings based on bio machine learning. It can learn from others heart also to advice a person.

Conditions Concentrated On

Currently BioTwins are dealing with hospitals with patients afflicted with critical conditions requiring extensive medical data such as and not limited to

1. Breast Cancer

2. Prostate Cancer

3. Pancreatic cancer

4. Liver sclerosis

5. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

6. Melanoma

7. Leukemia

8. Lymphoma

9. Alzheimer's Disease

10. Acute Myocardial Infarction

11. Multiple Sclerosis

12. Lesch-Nyhan syndrome

13.Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood


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The Cyber Bio Twin is compatible with all major operating systems

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